Policy Statement

Mission Statement
Elvet School of Dance promises to help all students develop their dance and performance skills in a safe and supportive environment. We believe every child and individual is unique and that by nurturing their existing skills and talents, we can help them to realise their full potential, promote their individuality whilst encouraging self-exploration and aiding self-development.
Elvet School of Dance endeavours to treat all students and families in an equal and professional, supportive and constructive manner, whilst acting with integrity in an environment that encourages respectful and polite communication.
All classes will be tailored to an appropriate level to assist the needs of all students providing feedback in a constructive and encouraging way to aid improvement, always adhering aiming for the highest possible standards.
Elvet School of Dance ensures that student safety is crucial and facilities used are a safe environment to meet the needs of the students. Elvet School of Dance endeavours to provide students with the maximum opportunity to perform by building relationships with other dance organisations and advising students and parents  who may wish to follow a career in the arts.
Respect of Others
Elvet School of Dance requests that students and parents treat others as they would expect to be treated themselves. Negative comments about others appearance or ability are not welcomed. Elvet School of Dance is a positive and encouraging place for students to learn and enjoy dance.
Parents are asked to notify Elvet School Dance of any medical information, allergies or injuries students may have on registration and provide any amendments to this information if necessary. Elvet School of Dance requires parents to understand that as with any physical activity there can be a risk of injury and therefore release that Elvet School of Dance and its teachers from any liability.
Child Protection
Elvet School of Dance aims to provide a happy and safe environment where children can learn to dance.  Elvet School of Dance believes children are entitled to be safe and secure and free from threat, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs. Elvet School of Dance will act with integrity, treating children with respect, listening to their concerns and acting upon them. Elvet School of Dance Code of Conduct ensures students will receive professional tuition from a qualified teacher with appropriate facilities following safe practice. Elvet School of Dance would like to bring to parents attention that it may be necessary for teachers to physically correct a students posture and will do so in a appropriate and professional manner.
About Us
Founded by Lauren Tindale in 2009, expanding on the former Elvet Ballet School. Elvet School of Dance teaches Royal Academy of Dance ballet and IDTA tap and modern to children as young as three to adults.
Durham, England