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Our 'Cool Wall' is home to dance and ballet pictures of inspiration and quotes that make you want to dance

Carlos Acosta Ballet
Esmerlda variation
Keep Calm and do Ballet
Images like this make me smile big and remind me of both what it takes and what can be achieved. The body is a wonderful thing and in ballet we make art and beauty. When we dance we loose ourselves and feel free, when we look back we feel accomplished and strong.
poiny shoe heart inspiration photo
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ballet barre, excrcise, motivation
Mathew Bourne, Swan Lake, over splits
Men, Ballet, Split Jumps,
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Splits, Split Jumps,
dance happy inspiration
thruth about ballet poine shoes
shortcut to happiness = dance
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Founded by Lauren Tindale in 2009, expanding on the former Elvet Ballet School. Elvet School of Dance teaches Royal Academy of Dance ballet and IDTA tap and modern to children as young as three to adults.
Durham, England